Wrapping up the Year of Streaming 2015

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    Oh chat. What a year this has been. What a crazy, awesome, super cool, unpredictably wonderful year. I want to share with you some statistics to show off just how much has happened this year. Let's look back on how far we've come.

    Our Year of Streaming Timeline

    It begins in January 2015: It's a new year for DC. We want to do something different... something we've never done before. YouTube is a dead end, nobody has time for it and nobody is enjoying it. We left Twitch several months back and made the move to Hitbox for our 2014 Hallostream. So far we have had a lot of fun streaming on Hitbox.
    Let's try to get a Hitbox partnership by the end of the year! We just need 100 concurrent viewers and 3 streams per week. We commit to achieving that. We start with Dead Space 2 and hope for the best.

    #hitboxFAVE win in February 2015: We've been keeping up with the new schedule well! We met staff member FLGHawkeye who liked our stream so much he put us on the front page of Hitbox for the very first time. We've also entered and won the #hitboxFAVE competition on Facebook and secured a 24-hour front page slot for our LOVESTREAM! FLGHawkeye and Dubz are in contact, and through him we have applied for the Hitbox partnership already.
    We didn't expect to find success on Hitbox so quickly! Their staff are so kind and helpful. We are starting to feel like we can do anything we set out to do, and are enjoying ourselves more and more each day.

    Partnership acquired in March 2015: We have been approved for our Hitbox partnership! We have our Sub button and quality control options. Chat is thrilled. Our first subscriber is CRASHANOMICS.

    For the next several months: We continue to do 3+ streams per week. We get through countless series and one-offs, including The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Resident Evil 5, and other fan favorites.
    We have a chat meetup stream. We do a charity stream with JigglyJacob in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The DC spirit is alive and well, thriving in fact.

    DC travels to PAX Prime in August 2015: Our good friend and long-time viewer Mokkabean has given us the opportunity to go to PAX Prime. Dubz and Moose take up this opportunity, even finding that they will be rooming with Hitbox staff! We meet FLGHawkeye, MrKelso, and OneSavvySiren in person. We stream live from the event. It's a blast.

    Dubz becomes Hitbox Staff in October 2015: Through his time spent with Hitbox staff at PAX and speaking with them each day, Dubz has been hired as a Hitbox Community Ambassador for North America. This is a dream come true.

    Hallostream / ExtraLife in October 2015: We do our annual Hallostream in support of ExtraLife for the second year in a row on Hitbox. Chat donates $1000+ to the charity, blowing every one of our charity efforts out of the water in size.

    Streams of Giving in December 2015: As the year comes to a close, we decide to give back. Our commemorative 2015 Year of Streaming hoodies are on the way with the names of each subscriber from throughout the year listed on the back. We give away $200+ in free games to stream viewers.
    We are so happy and proud of how far DC has come.

    TL;DR version: Throughout this year, we have...
    • Attained a partnership with Hitbox
    • Built out channel graphics and stream overlays
    • Utilized MeowBot as the new DCrobot
    • Introduced the lukrpoints system
    • Added new items to the merch shop
    • Upgraded all of our streaming and gaming equipment
    • Streamed 3+ times per week for the entire year
    • Saw Dubz become Hitbox Staff
    • Raised $1500+ in charity streams
    Our Year of Streaming in Numbers:
    • 127,866 unique visitors
    • 229,626 channel views
    • 497 hours streamed
    • 59 total subscribers
    • 710 total followers (584 gained in 2015 alone!)
    • Highest number of viewers at one time: 280
    • Number of countries viewers have come from: 152
    With subscription and donation revenue we have purchased...
    • 15+ games to play on-stream
    • 100+ prizes to give away at streams
    • Travel to 2 gaming conventions (PAX Prime and Gameacon)
    • Commissions from 3 independent artists for stream art and graphics
    • New modern quality gaming and broadcasting equipment, including a new custom PC
    With that, 2016 is right around the corner. I don't think DC will ever see a period of growth and success to rival this, but we are going to continue to strive for it. We will always remember YoS 2015 as our defining year... the year that DeliciousCinnamon truly became "Official."

    Missed the Year of Streaming? Watch the entire thing from start to finish here on DeliciousVlog.

    Thank you, viewers, for making all of this possible. See you next YoS!
  2. DLeck6211 New Member

    This entire year was great, I'm looking forward to 2016!
  3. Teh JeY Active Member

    Holy cow, it's been a year? It's been crazy, but amazing! Can't wait to see what's in store for 2016 =D
  4. MikeBoatIsCalling Hitbox Subscriber

    I honestly can't think of what to say. It's been so great watching you guys and seeing all this happen.
  5. Xirix Hitbox Subscriber

    Pretty sweet when you lay it all out like that, hopefully I'll have more time to catch you guys live again n 2016. :p
  6. cornboy510 Hitbox Subscriber

    im kinda sad that i missed most of it, hopefully i should be able to catch more this year

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