The Year of Streaming begins with Dead Space 2!

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    Hey Cinnemites! Your pleas have been heard, and OP has made big plans to deliver!


    That's right, it's happening. Maybe not in the same way people would have expected, but nontheless we will have the anticipated "DubzSpace 2" let's play, performed LIVE for all to see on Hitbox. The series' schedule is still somewhat TBA, but we are definitely going to be streaming EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. We plan to make one day a fan interaction stream day, and one day a Dead Space 2 day each week. Times are also TBA. Keep an eye on social media to find out when streams will start each day.

    THOSE WHO CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE IT TO LIVESTREAMS, DO NOT FRET! Every last moment will be recorded and saved on our Hitbox channel and ported to YouTube at later dates. You won't have to miss a thing.

    If you are having trouble finding out when livestreams are, these are the places we announce them. We usually try to announce at least one day before a stream begins, and will always announce when it is live and in progress.

    1. Facebook (you can "get notifications" for our posts too)
    2. Twitter
    3. YouTube (we will upload a 30 second clip when a stream is live)
    4. Tumblr (if the Tumblr admin is available, a post will also be made here)
    5. You should definitely follow the Hitbox channel too!

    We are looking forward to eventually growing the stream attendance to at least 100 viewers per stream. Once we achieve this, we will begin streaming 3 TIMES PER WEEK in hopes of attaining a Hitbox partnership. Please don't hesitate to invite your friends!

    That's all for now! If you have any questions feel free to respond to this thread, or contact us on any of our social media locations! See you at the stream!
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