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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by DC-Dubz, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. DC-Dubz New Member

    Hey guys. Haven't made a post here in awhile. Between Work at Hitbox, streaming, playing new games and just living life I've been quite busy. I recently watched a video of a man going to the old spawn of his server and it made me think back to the old fun minecraft days. I wanted to take a walk in the old servers (whatever we have saved) and from moving PCs and people falling out of gaming we have lost most of our copies. Does anyone have any saved? I'm sure no one will see this but I'd love to relive history on stream :)
  2. DC-Dubz New Member

    Also I never am able to remember my real login....
  3. DC_Dubz Administrator

    Theeeeere we go
  4. CaptainUltima Member

    Last time I checked, Jester had it, but that was 2 years ago... I remember him having hard drive issues in that time as well so he probably doesn't have it.
  5. bones9302 i moderate stuff sometimes

    Yes this is your best bet. No way does Spencer still have the files. Shit was like 5 years ago yo.
  6. Jesterface23 Member

    Wish I still had the map somewhere, but I have some old Worldedit schematics(the attached file) and two seeds that I don't know exactly which maps they are from, -5441975174896866932, -810058897.

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  7. nogsnorb Member

    I got the download link from one of your streams awhile ago but I don't know who sent it lol. I don't have the map anymore either.

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