Lovestream 2015 #hitboxFAVE Feature

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  1. MiniMoosey Lukr Princess

    Dubz and Hepna have managed to accomplish their goal of meeting 100+ viewers at a stream 5 months earlier than projected. It all started one night when FLGHawkeye, the North American hitbox representative, visited one of the Dying Light streams. After he spoke with us a bit, he gave DC a feature spot on hitbox's front page.

    This was just the beginning of what would turn into something even more spectacular.


    Hitbox ran a contest called hitboxFAVE, based on Facebook likes as votes to allow streamers to win a global feature slot on their front page - one slot each for both partnered and non-partnered streamers. We started promoting Lovestream a lot sooner than we knew it would have a chance to be globally featured. In fact, we were shooting for the global feature the week before Lovestream was scheduled. We were extremely close to winning the first time, and extremely close to losing the second time, but chat was able to "like" us to victory, and it seriously blew our minds how dedicated you all were!


    As a result, we dropped everything in preparation for what we pledged to be a 24-hour livestream, featuring as many members of DC as we could get our hands on. This is something DC had never done before - I mean, they had done super long streams, but a full 24 hours? Never even close. We didn't realize how ridiculous this would be, but we started it up with some of the highest hopes we've ever had.

    At peak times, the stream saw up to 300 viewers - a number we haven't seen since the Bootleg Bonanza of 2013. It felt good to see so many old names back in our chat, and so much happiness and laughter being shared amongst you all. Lovestream brought us new jokes to complement the old jokes we all know and love so well. It brought us haters - the biggest indicator of true success. It brought together each couple of DC in a stream together at once for the first time. It was a momentous occasion, it is definitely a big step in a good direction for DeliciousCinnamon as a whole.

    Mysh, Dubz, Dezz and Hepna all contributed their time to the stream at least in part if not in entirety, and an M.I.A. Bert made a contribution of funding to help us purchase games to play. By the end, we were all exhausted, hungry, and achey, but it was the most satisfying after-stream sluggishness we have ever known. We are truly beginning to feel that all of our hard work is paying off... and it's because you, our fans, have been giving us your all in love and support.

    If there is one thing we want everyone to take away from the Lovestream, it's the act of love itself. Sharing our lives with you has been an adventure, and we wouldn't change it for anything. No amount of fame or fortune is worth the community we have built, even if it is destined to stay small forever.

    Thank you, Chat/Cinnemites/Fans/Friends, for everything you've done for DC.
    If you missed the stream, it is available in full here for viewing.
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  2. pioshfd Hitbox Subscriber

    Congratulations guys! I'm glad you guys were able to win it (Even though I wasn't able to watch much of the Lovestream). :D I'm not exaggerating when I say that you guys definitely deserved it, remember the fans give you guys love and support because it's earned. I don't want to say anything sappy though, because this isn't an end. Looking forward to Tuesday's stream. :p
  3. DC_Dubz Administrator

    WE ARE GOING PLACES! And its all cuz of u guys! I love you Delicious Knuckleheads!
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  4. Binky Hitbox Submarine

    Thank you so much all of you. I had a wonderful time, and I really appreciate all the hard work each of you put into making this happen. Thanks for being such awesome people.
  5. MiniMoosey Lukr Princess

    This just in:

    Hitbox partnership acquired!
    Prepare yourselves for some awesome subscriber benefits! Be on the lookout for a thread asking for feedback and suggestions soon~

    Thread is here with a poll!
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  6. Jelboo Guest

    It was amazing. Thank you for all the amazing times over the years - and here's to a shining and brilliant future for DC!

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