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Discussion in 'Pokemon' started by blockmaker312, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. blockmaker312 New Member

    I have recently been on a wonderlocke kick and am wondering if anyone else has funny/heartwrenching/close call moments in their lockes.

    I am doing an X Y wonderlocke and right after 2 hours of grinding I accidentally triggered a rival battle with my weak team before I was ready and killed the 4 pokes I was grinding. :confused:
  2. MiniMoosey Lukr Princess

    Once upon a time Dubz and I were doing Emerald Nuzlockes together. Needless to say, I got really attached to my Mightyena named Blue... when she died I broke down in tears and never touched it again... D;
  3. blockmaker312 New Member

    I recently restarted my X-Y wonderlocke and ran into a wobbuffet with my magikarp, needless to say the magikarp is no longer with me.
  4. MiniMoosey Lukr Princess

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