Fall Fright Fest begins with RETURN TO SPACE FUNERAL! + General Updates

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    As we wrap up the Streams of Summer, we are excited to begin working on and announcing the things we have in store for the remainder of 2015, starting with the new FALL FRIGHT FEST block of streams!

    First, head over to the YouTube channel to see this new announcement/update video. It's mainly for the folks who are still camping out on the YouTube expecting to see videos uploaded regularly.. something we will no longer be doing.

    As always, we need your help as the viewers to continue to share us with your friends and family so that we can see more growth! This carries more weight than anything.

    We will be kicking off FALL FRIGHT FEST on Thursday, October 1st with the first stream of RETURN TO SPACE FUNERAL!
    This will include not only a more meticulous re-play of the original Space Funeral game, but a play-through of its spiritual successor Space Funeral - Earth Birth. If you haven't seen the original Space Funeral LP on YouTube, you're in for a treat. This set of streams will include as many members of DC as we can possibly get our hands on. Basically everyone is invited and whether or not they show up is all up to them. You will definitely be seeing at least Dubz, Hepna, and Dezz.

    After these two games are complete, we will be returning to some old favorites from earlier in the year: Dying Light (Expansions), H1Z1, and other games both new and old of the spooky/scary variety. Stick around for more info which will be revealed as it becomes available - this block will be running from the beginning of October to the end of November.

    Another cool thing - We are releasing a special exclusive hoodie for purchase featuring this Year of Streaming's overlay chibi art, and the names of all subscribers throughout the year on the back! Here's the teal one, our personal favorite:
    Place your order by December 23rd 2015, and your hoodie will be shipped to you in January of 2016. Remember, these are exclusive, so if you don't get one now, you'll never see them again! There is a limit of 20 hoodies total.

    Last but not least - Effective October 1st, Dubz will officially be Hitbox Staff! It's been a long journey from the moment Hawkeye first front-paged our stream to now. Our relationship with Hitbox has helped Dubz's dream of working in the gaming content creation industry come true.
    Will this change DC? Probably. But we are going to roll with it and see where it takes us.

    If you have any questions about anything, feel free to respond to this thread or contact me: minimoose218@yahoo.com
    See you at the streams!
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