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    She shoots high into the air, grinning as she soars into the air, carrying Steven with ease. "This won't be long! We'll head out to Cinnasoi Island. I'll drop you off and fly back here to help the others!" She calls to him. He nods, understanding.
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    She hovered over the Cinnasoi Gym, allowing Steven to drop down. "You stay here, all right?" She calls. She flies back toward the lab, diving down to grab a Lazer...

    Sasha broke into the Lab, freeing all the experiments. Many flew to the Cinnasoi Gym, but some stayed behind, they couldn't fly. Oak growled, pulling out an AK-47..
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    Steven greeted the other Experiments with open....well, nothing really. He seems to have disappeared a few seconds after being dropped off, only staying out long enough to mumble to a random trainer "Just yell when she gets back for real."
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    I land on the roof, carrying the rest of the experiments. "Steven?" I ask out loud.
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    (Suddenly switching to first person? Imma stay in third, but I'll switch if you want)
    A very muffled, barely audible "Oh, you're back. Hold on one minute," is heard a few feet away from Sasha. There are some shuffling sounds and then a "Ah, there we go." A piece of the roof then gets booted almost straight into the air a few feet, and thumps to the ground next to the building. Steven emerges from the roof. He coughs a few times then states "Boy it's dusty in there. Then again, it is the inside of the roof/ceiling. I was hiding in there so I could listen for when you and any other Experiments showed up, whilst still being unseen." He coughs again, then adds "Probably could have found a better spot to hide, but the roof was easy enough to pry up and wiggle back in place once I was in." He coughs really hard a couple of times. "Ok, yeah, it was a *cough* stupid place to hide"
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    (Auto POV switch. Happens with me :v)
    Sasha swivels her head. "You tried. But c'mon. I wasn't able to kill Oak, just gravely injure him. Let's go!!" I call out.
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