DC post-stream Cards Against Humanity game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MikeBoatIsCalling, May 2, 2015.

  1. MikeBoatIsCalling Hitbox Subscriber

    I recorded one of the post-stream Cards sessions and put it on YouTube.

    Featuring Dubz (Wolfmeat), Hepnah (cinnamon, because he put the password in for his name), Moose, Valriete (Banette), Crashanomics, Awec, Foampunch, and me.
  2. MiniMoosey Lukr Princess

    Hell yeah I destroyed you all >:D
  3. Binky Hitbox Submarine

    DC finally join in on a CAH game, and I miss it. Ain't that just swell. :p
  4. MikeBoatIsCalling Hitbox Subscriber

    Just put up the second one!

    Valriete, Crashanomics and Awec return, along with Binky, KodyWalker and EnvytheEnvious.
  5. MikeBoatIsCalling Hitbox Subscriber

    Third one is up!

    Featuring Val, Crash, Binky, Kody, Envy, and Nogs
  6. crashanomics SORRY NOTHING

    Yes, Bert does have a shirt that just straight up says "COLLEGE" on it.


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