An update on the status of our YouTube channel

Discussion in 'News' started by MiniMoosey, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. MiniMoosey Lukr Princess

    You may have noticed that content has been sparse, and that’s for a lot of reasons. To those who are wondering, here’s your answers.

    First of all, each member of DC is living an adult life, and are working (some full-time, others multiple jobs, others towards a college degree) to survive, just like normal people.
    This means two things. 1 - We have less time to devote to recording footage, and 2 - We have less time to devote to editing/uploading footage.

    We recently obtained a partnership with doing livestreams. This has proven to be more fulfilling for everyone involved. No need to devote time to editing, fewer hateful comments/pushiness, and overall a much more pleasant environment than what we’ve dealt with in the past.
    Also, you get hours of DC content every week… and you get to interact with us in real time.

    We understand that many of you fell in love with DC on YouTube.. it’s where we started, it’s where we poured our hearts for years. We really do get that. And we will continue to upload content to YouTube as we are able indefinitely. We just need you guys to understand that not only is it easier for us to focus on streaming, we also love it and are personally happier devoting time and effort to it.

    All new content uploaded to YouTube will likely be edited stream footage from this point forward. We are simply no longer physically capable of regularly recording and outputting full-length Let’s Plays to the channel.

    Some things we are committing to:
    1) A Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal finale livestream to celebrate the first episode hitting 1 million views… once it gets there. This will be uploaded to YouTube.
    2) A Pokemon Chinese Emerald finale livestream with footage uploaded to YouTube in parts.
    3) The rest of Crash Bandicoot 3 and Dead Space 2 uploaded to YouTube in parts.
    4) The rest of Spyro the Dragon livestreamed and uploaded to YouTube in parts.

    We love all of our fans more than anything… our community is the reason we go on doing what we do. We hope you can all understand why some things have changed, and that we are doing our best to keep this community alive while also staying mentally and financially healthy as adults.

    See you at the next stream!
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  2. crashanomics SORRY NOTHING

    If it ever becomes feasible, you could have one person or group devoted to streaming, and one person or group devoted to recording videos solely for YouTube.

    (Also, I seem to recall that at some point there was talk of possibly making short comedy videos? I'd watch the hell out of that.)

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