We are always looking to buy new games to generate some awesome content for our videos and livestreams. We also pay monthly to keep our Minecraft server live. If you want to support us with that, feel the need to get rid of some money or just want to support us in general, feel free to drop us a coin through the PayPal-form below. Our channel is not currently self-sustaining, so donations are highly appreciated and extremely helpful!

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1.OmegaRangerable | OmegaRangerable$ 190.00
2.Captain_KickAss | Captain_KickAss$ 90.00
3.YonderGuy$ 51.75
4.Tingsy$ 50.00
5.Parr93$ 33.00
6.ellohcee$ 25.00
7.anzel | anzelwolveine$ 23.97
8.Kinnichi | Kinnichi$ 22.89
9.The_Sheafresh_Prince | Sheafresh$ 20.00
10.Moosey$ 16.08

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