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Update 1: Smooth and fragile

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I'm on time. I'm on time and so are projects I've announced in the summer stream last sunday... which I've stopped working on right now and haven't been completely done before that. I'm always on time.
To be more specific: I've killed another section of the forum by replacing it with a new feature. But as always: Stuff may be broken. If so, tell me where. (And the OS + browser-combination you use would be nice. Describing how to reproduce the bug would be even better!)

But the friendcode-section is just part of something bigger (and far more useful): As you might have spotted by the "Loading..." -placeholder hanging around until the content is completely loaded, this area of the page works like the fanart-area above: It can update itself and adds/replaces new content automatically.
Say, Bert doesn't feel the need to carry his keys around again: We (or as of right now: I.) could add another page containing the newest updates, tweets or other important news relevant about what's going on right now.
Or the guys want to a donation-tracker, like we had on the last layout.
Or we rewrite our voting-system...

Everybody likes relaunches!

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Hey there!

As you might have discovered: We... did some stuff. Stuff that we believe is absolutely fantastic, brand-new and has never been done before. But I'm sure everybody is going to complain that "everything was good before already" and we should "stop changing stuff". But we don't care and do it anyway:

Stuff that's new:

  • The livestream page
    Well, it's not really "new", but now it has a purpose. Rememer dc_robot? That bot you guys broke by letting him do mathematical tasks who always posted the newest fan art? Right under the stream we have a self-refreshing fanart gallery, which allows you look at the newest fanart, without having to visit another page or look through the chat to find the goddamn URL WHICH ALWAYS JUMPS UP WHEN I WANT TO CLICK IT! AAARGHH!
    Uhm... Anyway...
    I asked the guys to have this page open when they stream. So if you want to submit fan art: Submit it here and they'll see it. (If I didn't *effed* up the code.) They and everybody watching the stream on this very page.
  • The fanart page
    Nothing really "new" as well (but we sell it anyway - deal with it), but you're now able to...

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